Client Comments

Here you will find some comments from our clients. Be sure to check back soon for more.

Since the Environmental Laboratory opened more than 20 years ago, the first aid treatment for chemical burns was the thorough washing of the affected area with water – not any more. Over the last few months we have invested heavily at the labs to replace the traditional eye wash solutions with a new range of solutions. Diphoterine® and Hexafluorine® that actively wash the chemical burn.                                         For full copy of the letter please click here.

“Lonza personnel have used Diphoterine® over the last 10 years as a first aid response when their skin and eyes have come into contact with a chemical. This has meant that since the introduction of Diphoterine®, no member of staff working for Lonza has been left with any lasting effects from the chemical contact - an amazing result.”

For full copy of the letter please click here.

“We have subsequently issued Diphoterine® to our trained First Aiders and they have used Diphoterine® on multiple occasions to combat and neutralize the effects of this type of eye contamination and have found it very successful.”

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