What is a Diphoterine® Solution?

Diphoterine® Solution is a unique solution for the Emergency First Aid decontamination of chemical splashes in the eyes or on the skin.

*IMPORTANT (It has limited efficacy on Hydrofluoric Acid – please use Hexafluorine® Solution)

  • Diphoterine® Solution is an aqueous, polyvalent, washing solution that is highly effective against all kinds of corrosive and irritant chemicals.
  • Diphoterine® Solution is an amphoteric, chelating molecule with at least one site able to rapidly and effectively absorb and neutralise the aggressive chemical molecule to prevent the 6 possible reactions (acids, bases, oxidizers, reducing agents, solvents, chelating agents)

  • Figure 1Diphotérine® Solution attracts the chemical product in contact with the tissue
    Figure 2The acid site of Diphotérine® Solution fixes and then inactivates the bases
    Figure 3The basic site of Diphotérine® Solution fixes and then inactivates the acid.
  • Diphoterine® Solution is hypertonic which, when applied to the eye or the skin, creates an osmotic pressure that attracts the aggressive chemical that may have already penetrated into the tissue, neutralises its aggressive action and carries it safely away.

It is by the combination of these properties that Diphoterine® Solution is uniquely able to achieve the three elements demanded for effective Emergency First Aid of a chemical splash:

  • Removal of chemical from the surface of the tissue.
  • Absorptionn and neutralisation of the aggressive chemical molecule remaining on the tissue surface.
  • Attraction, absorption and neutralisation of the aggressive chemical molecule already penetrating the tissue.

Recent comparative studies have shown the possibility of improving on washing with water – see Figure 1.

Figure 1

WATER Diphoterine® Solution Solution
Advantages Limitations Advantages Limitations
Chemical agent at the surface of the affected tissues carried away by the mechanical washing action   Chemical agent at the surface of the affected tissues carried away by the mechanical washing action  
Dilution   Dilution  
Polyvalent   Polyvalent Polyvalent:
Theoretical effectiveness proven on major chemical groups
Should be verified case by case for specific chemical agents
  Hypotonic: Hypertonic:  
Favours a part of the chemical agent’s penetration into the tissue, especially in eyes Stops the chemical agent’s penetration of the tissue and carries the chemical away from the interior  to the exterior of the tissue
  No action on corrosives or irritants “Neutralizing” action on the potentially irritating or corrosive nature of the chemical agent  
Development of the chemical burn Stops the development of the burn
Allows a rapid return to a physiological pH
  Intervention time: the first 10 seconds Intervention time: the first minute  
  Possibility of serious physical after-effects, which may even be fatal Decrease or absence of after-effects  
Prevents chemical burns
  In certain cases, complex secondary treatment with reconstructive surgery Decrease or absence of secondary treatment prevents chemical burns A medical consultation is necessary in every case
    Decrease in work loss  
Non toxic   Non toxic, sterile Expiration date must be observed

Diphoterine® Solution is a Sterile - Medical Device, Class IIa and conforms to EN15154 – Parts 3 and 4. It is safe to use on both skin and eyes.

Non Irritating to:

  • (the eyes) - Graefe’s Arch Exp Opthalmol202.240.308-313/Safepharm Laboratories Limited UK 133/4
  • (the skin) - Integra, Italy 2005-024

Non Cytotoxic - Integra, Italy REL/003/06/IRRC/ELB, ISO 10993-5 standard

Non Sensitizing - CERB, France 20030418ST

Non Toxic by:

  • (Ingestion) - International Centre of Toxicology, France 6564 TAR
  • (Skin) - Safepharm laboratories Limited UK 133/9
  • (Iv injection) - CERB, France 20030856ST

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