What is a Hexafluorine® Solution?

A unique solution for the Emergency First Aid decontamination of Hydrofluoric Acid (HF) splashes in the eyes or onto the skin.

* (It is only suitable for Hydrofluoric acid or it's derivatives, for other chemicals please use Diphoterine® Solution)

Figure 1

Experience shows how dangerous this chemical can be:

Figure 1

A 45 year old worker was exposed to a 70% HF splash.

Hexafluorine® Solution is an aqueous washing solution, with hypertonic and chelating properties, that is highly effective against Hydrofluoric acid and its derivatives.

  1. Hexafluorine® Solution is a sterile washing solution that is able to mechanical remove excess chemical from the surface of the tissue before it has chance to penetrate.
  2. Hexafluorine® Solution is hypertonic, which enables it to stop the penetration of both the H+ and F- ions and create an reverse flow which pulls the chemical to the surface of the tissue.
  3. Hexafluorine® Solution is able absorb and neutralise both the Corrosive H+ ions and the Toxic F- ions.

Corrosive H+ ion

Toxic F- ion

Its chelating power on these ions is 100 times greater than Calcium gluconate gel.

Recent studies have shown that Hexafluorine® Solution is more effective at decontaminating, both the skin and eyes, than water. It is also safe to use in eyes, oral and nasal cavities, making it extremely beneficial in instances where Calcium gluconate is inappropriate.

On the Skin (Morphology after 24 hours)

On the Eyes (Showing penetration of the chemical into the cornea)

Hexafluorine® Solution is a Sterile - Medical Device, Class IIa and conforms to EN15154 – Parts 3 and 4. It is safe to use on both skin and eyes.


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