chemical splash products

Chemical Splashes

At diphex we work closely with our clients to help reduce the risk of serious injury

Professional people working with chemicals, whilst making every effort to ensure that they work safely, are fully aware of the potential danger when things go wrong.

The consequences following a splash with an aggressive chemical (Corrosive or Irritant) can result in a chemical injury.


DIPHOTERINE® is a sterile, aqueous, polyvalent, emergency washing solution that is highly effective against Corrosive and Irritant chemicals such as:

Acids, Bases, Oxidisers, Reducing agents, Chelators & Solvents

IMPORTANT:  DIPHOTERINE®  has limited efficacy on Hydrofluoric Acid, please see HEXAFLUORINE®


HEXAFLUORINE® is a sterile emergency washing solution that is highly effective against the Corrosive H+ ion and the
Toxic F- ion In:

HYDROFLUORIC ACID (HF) or its derivatives.

has limited efficacy on other chemicals, please see DIPHOTERINE®


For more information about additional products that can help improve safety chemical and reduce harm