About Diphex

Chemical Safety - anticipate accidents and prevent harm

Diphex is managed by personnel with 30 years experience in the Health and Safety industry. 

During this time we have obtained a wealth of understanding concerning the risks posed by chemical accidents and how we can best protect ourselves against them. 

Our close working relationship with both industry and Government Agencies, as well as medical institutions, has created a confidence and trust which we are keen to both maintain and develop.


The evaluation of the outcomes following the management of chemical accidents revealed that in both the industry and healthcare sectors there was an opportunity for improvement regarding knowledge, procedures and equipment.  

One of the most important long-term goals of Diphex is to improve the knowledge and attitudes towards chemical hazards amongst both chemical manufacturers and chemical users throughout Great Britain.   

In this context, we initiated an alliance with the Prevor Toxicology and Research Laboratory in France, which produces the unique products for chemical accidents which we offer to our clients throughout the UK.

Our objective is to minimise both the risks and the number of accidents while providing effective first aid management in order to avoid serious injuries.   In pursuit of our objective we have made major commitment to the following vital areas:


We have a team of trained field-based advisors across the UK to provide information, advice and demonstrations of our full range of products. Our advisors have a wide experience across all industry sectors and are keen to share that knowledge with you. 

Our office based advisors can assist with any telephone enquiries that you may have and provide the information and support you require.

Our client care team will make regular visits to your site to keep you updated with product development, legislation changes and to provide specific advice to the use of products on your site.

Our back office systems also ensure that you have the support required for product renewals.


Personal attention to detail and a commitment to achieve the objectives stated in our Quality Policy Statement have resulted in a high level of customer confidence and satisfaction.

All product is inspected to ensure compliance and traceability records are maintained for every order despatched by our in-house team.

Product Warehouse and Stock Control

Our UK based warehouse and production facility allows us to respond to customer requirements quickly whilst maintaining strict controls of product shelf-life and traceability.

Our systems advise you of imminent expiry dates of your products to ensure that you remain compliant at all times.


Our in-house team of trainers are able to provide certificated training at your site on all the first aid and environmental products that we supply. This training enables your team to understand the risks when working with chemicals and how to mitigate the effects should the worst happen. 

All attendees have the opportunity to try out our first aid products so that they are confident to respond effectively should a chemical splash to the skin or eye occur.

Talk to us about your training requirements by calling us on 01622 851000