What is Diphoterine®?

Diphoterine® solution is an aqueous, polyvalent, washing solution that is highly effective against corrosive and irritant chemicals*

Diphoterine® solution is able to remove excess chemical by mechanical washing and then actively chelate the aggressive chemical molecule, due to its unique absorbent properties. 

The Diphoterine solution molecule is polyvalent and can effectively prevent the corrosive or irritant action of acids, alkalis, oxidizing agents, reducing agents, chelating agents, and solvents.

Diphoterine® solution is hypertonic which, when applied to the eye or the skin, creates a  reverse tissue flow that allows removal of any corrosive chemical that may have already penetrated into the tissue, it also neutralises its aggressive action and carries it safely away.

It is by the combination of these properties that Diphoterine solutions are uniquely able to achieve the three elements demanded in effective emergency first aid of a chemical splash:

  • Removal of chemical from the surface of the tissue.
  • Absorption and encapsulation of the aggressive chemical molecule remaining on the tissue surface.
  • Attraction, absorption and encapsulation of the aggressive chemical molecule already penetrating the tissue.

Tests have shown Diphoterine® to be more effective than water:

Advantages Water Diphoterine®
Washing Effect    
Non Toxic    

Diphoterine® solution has been used for 25 years in industry, and in more recent years, within the Emergency Services throughout Europe and is registered as a Class IIa Medical Device

Diphoterine® solution conforms with the European Standards for Emergency Showers -  EN15154: Parts 3 and 4

Diphoterine® solution is non-toxic and has been tested as follows:

NON IRRITANT TO THE EYES – Graefe’s Arch Exp Opthamol 202.240.308-313 / Safepharm Laboatories Limited UK 133/4

NON IRRITANT TO THE SKIN – Integra, Italy 2005-024

NON CYTOTOXIC  – Integra, Italy REL/003/06/IRRC/ELB, ISO 10993-5 standard


NON TOXIC BY INGESTION – International Centre of Toxicology, France 6564 TAR

SKIN – Safepharm Laboratories Limited UK 133/9

IV INJECTION – CERB, France 20030856ST

*IMPORTANT: Diphoterine® solution has limited efficacy on Hydrofluoric Acid – please use Hexafluorine® solution