What is Hexafluorine®?

Hexafluorine® is a unique solution for the emergency first aid decontamination of the skin and eyes following a splash of Hydrofluoric Acid* or its derivatives.

Hydrofluoric Acid is one of the most hazardous chemicals to health because of its aggressive characteristics. Whilst the corrosive H+ ions will cause a chemical injury this also provides a gateway to the body for the fluoride ions. Once in the body the fluoride ions will chelate calcium. This is particularly dangerous as calcium ions help to regulate our heart rate. Chelation of sufficient calcium  from the blood stream (hypocalcemia) can lead to heart arrhythmias and cardiac arrest.

Hexafluorine Solution is an aqueous washing solution with hypertonic and chelating properties that are highly effective against hydrofluoric acid and its derivatives.

Hexafluorine® solution can mechanically remove excess chemical from the surface of the skin or eyes before it has chance to penetrate.

Hexafluorine®  solution is hypertonic which, when applied to the eye or the skin, creates a reverse tissue flow that allows removal of the aggressive chemical that may have already penetrated into the tissue, neutralises its aggressive action and carries it safely away.

The Hexafluorine® molecule is an active absorbent that has the ability to attract and chemically bind both the corrosive hydrogen ions and the toxic fluoride ions to prevent the development of the chemical injury and the potential lethal effects of the chelation of calcium.

Recent studies have shown that Hexafluorine® solution is more effective at decontaminating both the skin and the eyes than water. It is also safe to use in eyes, oral and nasal cavities making it extremely beneficial in instances where calcium gluconate use is inappropriate.

Hexafluorine® solution is registered as a Medical Device, Class lla

Hexafluorine® solution  conforms to the European Standard for Emergency Showers EN15154 – Parts 3 and 4.

Hexafluorine® solution is safe to use on both skin and eyes.

*IMPORTANT: Hexafluorine® is only suitable for Hydrofluoric Acid or its derivatives. For other chemicals please use Diphoterine® solution