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Chemical First Aid Stations

Lucite International is a global leader in the design, development and manufacture of acrylic-based products Lucite International have further strengthened their position as the world’s largest supplier of MMA, the essential building block for all acrylics, by becoming a group company of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation.

Customer Needs

Neil Middleton explains: At Lucite we deal with a lot of very corrosive chemicals. We also store and handle large volumes of corrosive chemicals. During maintenance, despite our safe systems of work and PPE, there is a small risk that we do come into contact with these corrosive chemicals. On infrequent occasions, this chemical may unintentionally make contact with the skin, or eyes so before implementing Diphoterine® protocols, chemical splashes could only be treated with large volumes of water.

At Lucite we now have installed Diphoterine® wash stations around the plant areas. These wash stations were strategically placed at defined areas around the Lucite site at the Cassel Works in Billingham. 

Our Diphoterine® wash stations provide confidence to our teams that any skin or eye contact with a corrosive material can be dealt with quickly and effectively, preventing long term injuries.

This combined with the training provided by Diphex Solutions Limited means our staff have the skills to quickly manage an incident.

Rebekah Holmes from Diphex explains that although we have worked with Lucite since 2014, they recently required a solution to provide Diphoterine® stations in external areas. Diphoterine® will freeze at    -1°C and although it remains effective once thawed, it must be ready to use if an emergency occurs. Our storm cases are ideal where a  power supply is not readily available.

We continue to keep in regular contact to provide support and training. This means we can ensure that Lucite retain confidence in the use of the Diphoterine® solution in the event of an emergency and to ensure that up to date and relevant information is provided.

“A few years ago, we had a technician who was badly burnt with a hot corrosive material, he was treated with Diphoterine®. The Diphoterine® turned out to be a life saver, because as the casualty recovered, he didn’t suffer any serious scars or long-term effects, it is definitely a quality material and I would highly recommend it.”

Neil Middleton – Shift Manager Lucite International


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