Emerging Risks in Electric and Hybrid Cars

Whilst manufacturers are aware of the risks around electrolytes in hybrid and electric vehicles, it is apparent from our experience that not all car workshops and those attending breakdowns or vehicle accidents are as up to date with the issues.

If damage occurs to the casing of the battery there can be generation of Hydrofluoric Acid from the electrolytes within. Hydrofluoric Acid has specific risks attached with the Hydrogen ions giving rise to a chemical injury when in contact with the skin and eyes, thus allowing the fluoride ions access to the tissues. Fluoride ions will chelate calcium from the blood stream which can give rise to heart arrythmias and possible cardiac arrest.

We have products to assist with these risks - Hexafluorine® - portable emergency decontamination solutions for splashes to skin and eyes, Trivorex® for absorption and neutralisation of electrolyte spills and Le Vert HF® for the decontamination of surfaces, equipment and PPE.