Supporting Premier League Teams

With an increase in corrosive (acid) attacks across the capital the Security Team at a Premier League Team began to research effective decontamination methods and first aid products for such events. With a strong will to do the best for any member of the public caught up in such an attack that may seek help from the stadium, a strong sense of community responsibility for areas around their sites and a wish to protect players and staff alike, a visit by our Business Development Manager from Diphex Limited - led to a systematic review of on and off site hazards. The result of the work was the introduction of Diphoterine® Eye and Skin Wash Systems across the Premier League ground and Training Facilities and an ongoing project working with the security, facilities and medical teams to equip further areas.

Diphoterine® is an amphoteric chelating agent for the effective decontamination of all corrosive and irritant splashes to the skin and eyes. Amphoteric solutions are recommended for first line use for first aid by the British Burn Association and Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care.

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