Corrosive Attacks

Ryan Prescott discusses the research he carried out for the Coronation Street storyline

You may have heard Ryan Prescott discussing his reaction to last night’s corrosive attack storyline in Coronation Street during his interview on ITV’s This Morning.

He described the research that he had carried out for the role and expressed his surprise on learning that there had been a significant number of corrosive attacks in the Manchester area during 2022.

Ryan clearly explained how essential quick and effective decontamination is in this situation. He also described how uncomfortable the washing process is – requiring large volumes of water for a minimum of fifteen minutes.

Ryan also mentioned that hospitals, specialist burns centres and healthcare professionals use Diphoterine® Solution.   

To learn more about how and why the Hypertonic, Amphoteric washing solution - Diphoterine® - is preferred by these teams, please find further information freely available here
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