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Safurex® Surface Decontamination Spray - 6 x 750ml

  • Colour indicating decontaminant for acids and alkalis
  • Neutralises acids and bases
  • Suitable to decontaminate surfaces, equipment, tools and PPE.
  • Concentrated solution so small volumes of liquid required to decontaminate surfaces
  • Binds fluoride ions in Hydrofluoric Acid to render them non-toxic
  • Use as a complement to absorbents to restrict damage from corrosive spills
  • Protect personnel from cross-contamination from corrosive spills on surfaces, equipment and tools
  • Decontaminate PPE before removal after dealing with chemical deliveries, processes, spills or splashes - including Hydrofluoric Acid and its derivatives
  • Non-irritating and non-flammable
SPR.SF.6 Safurex® Surface Decontamination Spray - 6 x 750ml from Diphex Solutions Limited


6 x spray bottles containing 750ml Safurex® decontamination spray

Instructions for Use:

Ventilate the room if necessary and isolate the hazardous area.

Use Safurex® solution as quickly as possible.

Spray the contaminated area with Safurex®. The indicator within the solution will turn pink for acids and blue for alkalis. Leave the solution in contact with the surface for 1-3 minutes or until the colour has reverted back to the starting colour.

Rinse with water.

Store and dispose of the residue with the corresponding chemical waste.

Always wear the appropriate PPE when dealing with chemical spills.

Shelf Life:

3 years from date of manufacture


Sizes: Height: 315mm
  Diameter: 110mm
Capacity:   750ml

Available Units:

Code Description Contents
SPR.SF.6 Safurex® Spray Bottle 6 x 750ml

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