Safurex® Products

Safurex® is an active decontaminant that neutralises all types of aqueous spills of corrosive acids or bases by neutralising the pH. It has the additional capacity of being able to chelate the fluoride ions of hydrofluoric acid therefore providing security from the toxic effects of this chemical.

Easy to use, this concentrated decontaminant has a colour indicator to demonstrate when a surface or equipment is contaminated with an acid or alkali. As the neutralisation process takes place the indicator reverts to the original colour indicating the process has been completed and that the surfaces are free from the corrosive effects of the chemical - therefore preventing damage to surfaces or the risk of cross-contamination of personnel.

  • Neutralises corrosive aqueous acids and bases
  • A colour change shows the presence of acids or bases on equipment or surfaces and also indicates when the neutralisation process has finished
  • Binds fluoride ions to negate toxicity of hydrofluoric acid spills
  • Concentrated solution reduces volume of liquid required to decontaminate the area
  • Non-irritating
  • Non-flammable