Acicaptal® Products

Acicaptal® Shaker

  • Unique colour indication to identify acidic spills and to allow visibility of the neutralisation process
  • pH returns to non-hazardous levels following neutralisation and absorption process
  • Excellent absorption capacity
  • Facilitates post-spill management with less waste for disposal
  • Neutralisation process stops off-gassing of acids
  • Harmless to people and the environment
P1.AC Acicaptal® Shaker from Diphex


A handy shaker dispenser containing 600g Acicaptal®  acid neutralising absorbent.

Instructions for Use:

A bund should be created around the spill with the Acicaptal®

Sprinkle sufficient Acicaptal® absorbent over the surface of the spill to allow the liquid to be absorbed. The Acicaptal® absorbent will turn pink to indicate an acid spill. Once the absorbent returns to its original colour the spill has been neutralised.

Always wear appropriate PPE when dealing with chemical spills.

Shelf Life:

P1.AC - Acicaptal® Absorbent - 10 years from date of manufacture.


Sizes: Height: 198mm
  Diameter: 90mm
Capacity:   600g

Available Units:

Code Description Contents
P1.AC Acicaptal® Shaker Shaker Top dispenser with 600g Acicaptal® Absorbent

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