Le Vert HF® Information

Hydrofluoric acid is often used in surface treatment industries and this highly toxic compound is very reactive. Any spill or leak can quickly damage any surface that it is in contact with and may also pose a lethal risk to personnel due to cross-contamination.

Le Vert HF® can be used as a complement to absorbents (preferably a neutralizing absorbent such as Trivorex®) to completely clean all hydrofluoric acid residues thus securing the area with confidence to prevent any injury.

LeVert HF® is also ideal to decontaminate PPE after dealing with Hydrofluoric Acid spills (or its derivatives) to prevent any cross-contamination when dis-robing.

Levert HF® neutralising decontaminant enables you to safely decontaminate surfaces, tools, equipment and PPE safely.

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