Le Vert® Information

Le Vert® is a liquid decontaminant suitable for surfaces and equipment.

When a leak or spill of a corrosive chemical occurs there is a risk to personnel from contact with contaminated surfaces and equipment. There is also a risk of damage to the equipment due to the aggressive chemicals. 

Le Vert® chemical decontaminant allows you to quickly and effectively decontaminate your surfaces, equipment and materials contaminated by corrosive chemicals.

The neutralisation effect of the Le Vert® solution prevents cross-contamination of personnel from contaminated surfaces.

Le Vert® is also ideal for decontaminating PPE.

Le Vert® is non-hazardous to people and the environment so can easily and safely be incorporated into regular decontamination and cleaning regimes and lengthen the life of equipment exposed to corrosive conditions as well as preventing injuries from contaminated surfaces.

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