Trivorex® Information

Trivorex® is a versatile neutralising absorbent for all chemical spills. It will effectively absorb and neutralise acids, bases, oxidising agents and reducing agents, solvents and formaldehyde.

Trivorex® will identify the nature of a spill with its integrated pH indicators - turning pink with  acids and blue with bases. As the spill is neutralised the absorbent returns to its original colour and once the absorption process is complete it is easy and safe to collect and dispose of the residues. The suppression of the corrosivity of the chemical reduces the risk to surfaces, equipment and personnel. The neutralisation process will also suppress the emission of hazardous gases from corrosive chemicals

Please refer to our document below for chemicals that may be declassified from hazardous waste once absorbed and neutralised by Trivorex®

The excellent absorbancy of Trivorex® also reduces post incident waste management costs due to having less waste to process.

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