Diphoterine® Eye Products

Sterile Individual Eye Wash (50ml)

  • Light and small
  • Easy to identify by colour
  • The ergonomic eyecup helps the eyelids to open
  • Soft and autonomous rinsing without pressure
  • Sterile solution
  • Tamper-evident seal to ensure the integrity of the system
  • Easy control of the rinsing efficiency
  • Waterproof and compact
  • No  specific installation or maintenance required
  • Complies with EN 15154
  • CE Marked
  • Class 11a Medical Device
LIS/SIEW Sterile Individual Eye Wash (50ml) from Diphex


An individual portable eye wash, with ergonomically eye-shaped top for ease of use.

This product is designed for immediate use so should be carried on the person. Our belt-worn pouches (see ANLIS) facilitate this.

This is an ideal product for maintenance staff, lone workers, or personnel working at height, in isolated areas or confined spaces with limited access.

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Instructions for Use:

Each individual eye wash decontaminates one eye. Use within the first 10 seconds of a splash for optimal efficacy.

This is a single use product - use the entire contents for one eye.

Open the lid of the container by twisting the cap either way until the tamper-evident tabs break. Remove the lid, place container to the contaminated eye socket and raise to allow liquid to flow across the eye surface. Blink eyes to aid decontamination. 

Remove contact lenses, if worn, as soon as possible. 

Shelf Life:

LIS/SIEW - 2 years from date of manufacture.


Sizes: Height: 124mm
  Diameter: 64mm
Capacity:   50ml
Weight:   95g

Available Units:

Code Description Contents
LIS10 Sterile Individual Eyewash Bottles 10 x 50ml Eyewash Units per box
LIS50 Sterile Individual Eyewash Bottle (Single) 1 x 50ml Eyewash Unit

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