Construction Industry

 from Diphex Chemical Safety

The production of construction products contains a number of risks - many of these are allied with the chemical industry with the uses of polymers, solvents, resins, adhesives.

One specific risk within the construction industry is cement - both in the manufacture and its use within the construction industry. The highest number of chemical injuries seen within the UK NHS are cement injuries.

The alkali nature of cement causes the injury. Alkalis with a pH of greater than 11.5 produce a severe tissue injury due to liquefaction necrosis. This liquefaction loosens the tissue planes and allows the chemical to penetrate more deeply leading to more severe burns than with acids.

Dry cement dust can also cause injuries as it comes into contact with damp skin.

Diphoterine® is effective on alkalis and therefore ideal for decontaminating splashes of cement to skin and eyes.