Emergency Services

 from Diphex Chemical Safety

The response to a chemical incident is generally complex and often involves all three of the emergency services. Some large sites with high or specific risks might have their own internal emergency response vehicles.

Often the response to a complex incident can be lengthy with specialist decontamination teams and equipment being tasked to the job. 

Our portable full body showers and absorbents can be quickly deployed to an incident and provide peace of mind when dealing with irritant or corrosive chemicals by binding and rendering harmless the aggressors which makes providing first aid an easier and safer task for the first responders. 

Within hospitals and the Burns Service, Diphoterine® and Hexafluorine® have been used successfully for a number of years - utilising a delayed wash protocol - to allow the quick return of damaged skin and eye tissues to a safe physiological pH. Studies have shown that the use of Diphoterine® and Hexafluorine® in these cases has led to reduced pain, reduced need for surgery and reduced lengths of hospital stays.

Amphoteric solutions are recommended by the Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care and the British Burn Association for the treatment of chemical injuries.

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