Pharmaceutical Industry

 from Diphex Chemical Safety

The pharmaceutical industry uses many chemicals, often at high concentrations. All of the irritant and corrosive chemical types are likely to be present - Acids, Bases, Oxidising Agents, Reducing Agents, Chelating Agents and Solvents.

Hazards can occur in many areas of the business:

Research and Development - the presence of many and varied chemicals in differing concentrations - generally in limited quantities

Manufacturing - the presence of any of the irritant or corrosive groups as mentioned above - often in high concentrations and large volumes.

Inspection and Quality Control Processes - sampling from production lines and chemical testing in the laboratories.

Storage and Off-Loading of Chemicals - despite PPE and safe systems of work there are always hazards when off-loading chemicals and storing/moving chemicals.

Maintenance  - Breaking into systems for  maintenance gives rise to risks, systems are often under pressure and there are risks from disassembling pipes.

Cleaning - Often working in cleanroom conditions, high levels of hygiene are required, often using corrosive chemicals for these pcleaningrocesses.

Chemicals of note in this industry

All irritant and corrosive groups can be seen within this industry. Hydrofluoric Acid / Fluorides in an acidic media* can also be present.

Diphoterine® is suitable for all chemicals listed - apart from Hydrofluoric Acid* for which Hexafluorine® is recommended. These, used in addition with Trivorex®, Polycaptor® and Le Vert ®/ Le Vert HF®, can provide security in dealing with all chemical splashes and spills.

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