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 from Diphex Chemical Safety

Since 2012 the rise in attacks using chemicals  - colloquially known as  Acid Attacks - has risen dramatically. Whilst reporting of the incidents has decreased in the last 12 months the levels continue to be high with the crime spreading from the hotspot of London out to other large towns and cities.

The term Acid Attack is misleading as the chemicals thwron are corrosive or irritant chemicals at both ends of the pH scale. A large number of attacks have been with the alkali cleaning chemical - ammonia.  Sulphuric Acid based drain cleaners have also been used.

For security teams protecting both facilities and personnel the practicalities of using Diphoterine® as a decontaminant have been revolutionary. The traditional protocols of water decontamination require vast quantities which it is not feasible to carry. The water methods of decontamination also need to be commenced immediately making it very difficult to remove a principal away from the danger zone.

With an active amphoteric chelating agent (Diphoterine®) as a wash the decontamination can be commenced whilst moving the casualty to a safer area and then completed in privacy. The run off from the decontamination process is non-corrosive, smaller volumes of decontaminant are required and the delivery methods of the decontaminant ensure ease of application.

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